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Stop making these storage mistakes on your Android phone right now

Gadgets Now Bureau08 Dec, 2021, 06:55PM IST

Stop making these storage mistakes on your Android phone right now
In days when 64GB storage has become almost standard across Android phones, storage is usually not a big issue. However, it may become a problem if you are not using your Android phone right. There are basic steps/tips that you need to follow to keep storage space free on your Android phone. Here are 'mistakes' that you need to stop making on your Android phone right now to make sure there are no storage woes for you.

Not saving photos and videos online

Photos and videos are one of the biggest space consuming items on your phone. So remember to save your photos and videos online to a cloud storage service like Google Photos. Every Google account comes with 15GB free storage that includes Google Photos. Once done. make sure you delete them on your phone. You can see the backed-up copies in the app using Wi-Fi or mobile data.


Link your device with online storage services

For most of us, our phones have become our PCs as well. We access many of our office files and other media on the phone. To make sure that these don't hog storage on your phone, link the account to cloud storage services like Google Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive and more.


No removing downloaded movies, music and other media regularly

Make sure you delete the movies, music and other media that you have downloaded regularly. To delete content from Google Play:

Open the Google Play app with the content, like Play Music or Play Movies & TV.

Tap the Menu Menu And then Settings And then Manage downloads.

Tap Downloaded Downloaded And then Remove.

To delete content from other sources, delete from the app that you used to download it.


Not uninstalling apps that you don't use

Uninstall the apps you don't use much. For, you can download the app later again when you need it. If you paid for the app, you won't have to buy it again.


Not clearing the app's cache and data

You can usually clear an app’s cache and data through your phone’s Settings app. This deletes temporary data. These settings vary from phone to phone, depending on the model.


Storing photos/videos received on WhatsApp in your gallery

Over the years, WhatsApp has become an integral part of most of our lives. We all receive and share files, photos, videos and other media on WhatsApp. Saving these to the phone's gallery can be one of the biggest storage killers. Make sure you have the Save to Gallery setting off.


Not checking storage setting of native apps

Check storage settings of native apps. As these apps are default they will have permissions for your device's storage. Make sure you either uninstall these apps or set the right storage settings. For example, Microsoft apps are native on Samsung's flagship Galaxy series phones.


Not using Files by Google

Files by Google is a file management app that helps you: Free up space by cleaning junk files and cache; gives cleaning recommendations; find files faster with search and simple browsing; share files offline with others, even without data; and back up files to the cloud.