A Quiet Place horror game: What we can expect (part-II)

Dec 14, 2021

By: Utkarsh Saurbh

​What will surely work against the blind monsters

Your best option is a high-frequency sound source combined with a spear or a spear-like weapon that makes minimal sound. The audio feedback causes the aliens’ head armour to open up like the petals of a flower, exposing the vulnerable brain beneath. Weaponise that sound frequency and then jab at the exposed brain to kill them.

Source: IMDB

​What will not work

Fire, guns without combining audio attack, using blunt objects like poles, shovels etc. are not going to work.

Source: IMDB

​What can work: Arrows

Shooting arrows into their ears via longbows or crossbows by luring them to a spot. You would also have to be at a considerable distance before doing that as other aliens nearby may hear the sound of the release.

Source: IMDB

​What can work: Armour-piercing rounds

Armour-piercing rounds can work too but they are the last option, provided you have them and a weapon to fire them with.

Source: IMDB

What can work but will jeopardise you

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. If you do not have a silent weapon but have a firearm and a high-frequency sound source, you can still kill one of them but have to be prepared for more as the noise of the shot will attract them.

Source: IMDB

Indispensable accessories

In the game, you could get to use accessories like soft-soled shoes to be used for a limited period of time.

Source: IMDB

​The ideal ambush locations

Provided the game allows you, the sound source could be set atop a building rooftop or in an open area, with amplifiers to attract more monsters to the location. But can the audio feedback be activated from a safe distance? This is a hard one and would need teamwork, considering you find a team of NPCs in the game.

Source: IMDB

​After the first explosion

Assuming that the aliens aren’t intelligent enough to work as a team, an explosion could make more of them arrive at the location. It would be wise to set more charges in a certain perimeter so that all of them do not go off in the first detonation.

Source: IMDB

​Confirmed facts about the aliens

The aliens created for A Quiet Place films are from a planet that had no light, and so the creatures did not develop eyes, director John Krasinski told Empire in an interview. They are also “an evolutionarily perfect machine” but with no particular agenda. They somehow managed to came to Earth on meteorites after their own planet was destroyed, he said. We can believe that if we are willing to ignore the fact about the vacuum of space.

Source: IMDB

​How smart are the blind creatures

In the films, only one alien was shown to usually come very near to check on the sound source when more were shown to be rushing to the area. But there could be more who heard it. So, how smart are they really? Have they got enough brains to send just a few to scout the location from up close while the rest stay behind? The game could give answers in regards to that.

Source: IMDB

​The effect of low temperature on the creatures

Fire does not kill them, it has been established. So, can the opposite do that? What is their survivability rate in sub-zero temperature zones of the Earth? The game could have some explanation.

Source: IMDB