How to decide which is the best Netflix subscription plan for you

Dec 15, 2021

By: Shaurya Shubham

​Netflix has reduced subscription priced in India

On December 14, the streaming service provider reduced its subscription plans by up to Rs 300. This makes Netflix more accessible for users.

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​All the plans that Netflix offers

Currently, Netflix has four plans available -- Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium which are priced at Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 499 and Rs 649 respectively.

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​Rs 149 Mobile Plan: Who’s it for

If you are someone who loves watching TV shows and movies on your smartphone or tablet, then this is the best plan for you. The plan allows you to stream all the shows and movies in 480p and also offer the ability to download them to watch on the go.

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​Rs 199 Basic Plan: Who should choose this plan

Rs 199 Basic Plan is most suitable for those who watch movies and shows on their laptop or desktop or use a small screen television that is not HD. This plan allows users to stream on one device in 480p resolution.

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​Rs 499 Standard Plan: Who should go for this plan

This plan is ideal for those who live with their family or live with their roommate and share a subscription. This is the HD plan and also offers simultaneous streaming and downloading on two devices. This also allows you and your friend or family to watch different content and their own comfort.

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​Rs 649 Premium Plan: Who should opt for the most expensive plan

This plan is for those who live with their families including kids or parents. With support for four simultaneous screens and downloads, it allows you, your spouse and your kids to watch different content at the same time. It also supports UHD streaming with Dolby ATMOS output.

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Which is the most value for money plan

If you do not care about the HD quality and just want to watch shows and movies, then the Rs 199 Basic plan offers the best value for money.

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​What will happen to Netflix subscribers on older plans

Netflix subscribers will automatically switch to the plans either based on their benefits or their subscription price will be reduced based on the current plan benefit.

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​How to change Netflix plan

To change the Netflix plan, log in to your Netflix account and Plans -> Change Plans -> Select the plan and choose to Continue or Update.

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