Baazi Games brings Hyper-Casual Gaming with Baazi Mobile Gaming

Dec 16, 2021

By: Shaurya Shubham

​Baazi Games announces Baazi Mobile Gaming

Baazi Games has expanded its gaming portfolio with the addition of Baazi Mobile Gaming.

Source: Baazi-Games

​What is Baazi Mobile Gaming

Baazi Mobile Gaming is an end-to-end social interactive gaming application launched with the objective of building a gaming community called Baazigars.

Source: Baazi-Games

​Baazi Mobile Gaming: What’s on offer

The Baazi Mobile Gaming, according to the company, will mainly focus on gaming that will range from testing hand-eye coordination skills, memory and problem-solving skills for individuals.

Source: Baazi-Games

​Aimed to reach audiences of various groups

Baazi aims to reach out to audiences across various age groups, socio-economic groups and cities especially tier 2 and 3.

Source: Baazi-Games

​BMG to host tournaments

BMG will also host tournaments across different genres of games

Source: Baazi-Games

​Tournament entry free

While the entry fee for the tournaments will depend upon several factors, Baazi has confirmed the lowest value as Re 1.

Source: Baazi-Games

​Games on Baazi Mobile Gaming

The platform includes games like Bottle Shoot, Knife Hit, Stud Rider, City Cricket, Ninja Action 2, Fruit Chop and more.

Source: Baazi-Games

​Also supports skill-based games

The platform also includes skill games like Poker, Fantasy, Rummy and more.

Source: Baazi-Games

​BMG will be in sync with parent group strategy

The company says that the platform will include games of skill through the app and refrain from promoting games that come under the domain of luck or gambling.

Source: Baazi-Games