Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: New maps, game modes, events and more

Dec 16, 2021

By: Utkarsh Saurbh

​The concluding season

In Final Snow, the Templar tracks down the Dark Covenant, seeking to end their alliance. The two-year story arc will conclude in Final Snow, the eleventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile for 2021.

Source: callofduty-com

​New map

Icebreaker is the newest map to be added to the game. It was first featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. COD Mobile has also introduced swimming to the multiplayer mode for the first time with Icebreaker.

Source: callofduty-com

​Two old maps have come back

Holiday Raid and Nuketown Russia return with the new season.

Source: callofduty-com

​Undead Siege has returned

Undead Siege comes to Blackout with updated rewards and a new Nightmare mode.

Source: callofduty-com

​What’s new in Undead Siege

The game time limit has been extended and the Undead are faster and deadlier than before. There are new legendary turrets too.

Source: callofduty-com

​New multiplayer mode

Snow Scuffle is the new game mode in which mystery gift boxes will randomly pop up for players to collect. “Each gift box will give a certain kind of prop upon pickup and points earned from combat allows each team’s Snowman to unlock different skins.”, said Activision.

Source: callofduty-com

​Battle Pass Free tiers

Players can earn a new Munitions Box Operator Skill at Tier 14. At Tier 21, get the PKM LMG.. More in the free item list are UL736 – Polar Light, the Sticker – Royal Rule, the Warm Plaid camo series etc.

Source: callofduty-com

​Premium Pass tiers

Players have the chance to get Arctic-themed Operators like Vagr Modir - Whisper of Winter, Soap — Cliffhanger, Atlas — Crash, and Keegan. You also get weapon blueprints like PKM — Boru, the KN-44 — Frosted Spikes, the MSMC — Deceitful Deity, the Echo — Tasty Treat etc.

Source: callofduty-com

​New themed event

Ho-Ho-Hot Drops is the new holiday-themed event. Play Battle Royale matches and collect presents – or play Multiplayer matches – to earn points. Collect enough points to get a passcode for a special drop location in Battle Royale.

Source: callofduty-com

​Creator Club and custom bundles

Activision is set to launch a limited beta of a mobile-exclusive Creator Club to bring more creators to expand the game content ecosystem. The game will also include three of its top content creators as custom in-game characters.

Source: callofduty-com