Ubisoft is remaking this two decades old game: Details we know so far

Dec 17, 2021

By: Shaurya Shubham

​Ubisoft confirms the remake

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that they are working on a remake of the original Splinter Cell.

Source: Steam

​Modern gameplay

The game will offer modern gameplay mechanics by keeping the essence of the original title intact.

Source: Steam

​Game studio

The game is being developed by Ubisoft Toronto.

Source: Steam

​Studio history

The Splinter Cell: Blacklist (last game of the franchise) was the first game the studio made back in 2013.

Source: Steam

​Other games from the studio

Ubisoft Toronto has also developed games like Far Cry 5, 6 and Watch Dogs: Legion.

Source: Steam

​Snowdrop engine

The company has confirmed that they will be using the Snowdrop engine for the game. The same engine was used in games like The Division, Mario Rabbids.

Source: Steam


According to Ubisoft, the game won’t feature open-world gameplay. Instead, it will offer linear levels.

Source: Steam


The remake will feature updated graphics and visuals. Along with that there will be some changes to some of the design elements.

Source: Steam


In a Q&A, the game producer said that the game is in very early stages of development.

Source: Steam