Alien: Isolation comes to Android and iOS

Dec 17, 2021


Utkarsh Saurbh

​Mobile port

Alien: Isolation is a mobile port of the original console and PC game of the same name. So, there is no change content-wise.

Source: Feral-Interactive


Feral Interactive, the team that’s worked on Company of Heroes, has made the mobile port of the game possible.

Source: Feral-Interactive


Alien: Isolation is first-person survival horror on a space station where you are being hunted by a Xenomorph which is an alien creature If you have not seen any of the films in the Alien franchise, not even Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979), which started it all, then let’s just say you have to survive from a monster.

Source: Feral-Interactive

​Featuring another Ripley

Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley is one iconic character created for the Alien films. But this game features the never-before-told story of Amanda Ripley, her daughter.

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​The backstory

Ellen Ripley had promised to come back to Earth after her space mission and celebrate her daughter’s 11th birthday with her. She didn’t. 15 years pass with no news about her until Amanda learns that the flight recorder of her mother’s missing spaceship has been found. She goes to the Sevastopol Space Station to know more.

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​Customisable touchscreen interface

The game features a fully customisable touchscreen interface with dedicated on-screen buttons to use weapons, torch, the alien tracking device and more. You can add a button by double tapping on it.

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​Gamepad support

Alien: Isolation comes with gamepad support. It can also be played with an Android-compatible keyboard and mouse.

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​Includes all the DLCs

The game comes with all the seven DLCs, including Last Survivor, Lost Contact, Safe Haven, Trauma, The Trigger etc.

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​Supported Android devices

The Android devices that can run the game are listed on the Play Store and App Store. As per the developers, if you are able to purchase the game irrespective of whether your device is listed or not, it will be capable of running the game but is not officially supported.

Source: Feral-Interactive

​Price on Android and iOS

The game costs Rs 249 on the Android platform while it costs Rs 1,299 on iOS.

Source: Feral-Interactive